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Release Schedule Announcement


Not much here, there's a backlog of checkpoints we just made, I need to finish training more lora that are on our list...

But there's no guarantee this week on TIMING...

I know to some this feels like a job, a career and pet related deaths shouldn't really account for slowing down and some may go "Just do it, I need my content" ...

But yea, if we don't get anything finished for a few days or a week or two..

  1. it's been a year since the dog we were really close to had to get put down

  2. Today we're putting down the other dog we've had (basically Jack got put down in aug 2022, Molly is jacks baby sibling even tho they're two different breeds)

Sounds immature I know.

People barely take off work when they have to put a pet down.

I feel awkward announcing it.

I mean i know in the comments i'll get "WTF YOU TELLING US FOR" and "Dude just you're behind on loras get em' done"

Hopefully it won't be more than a week.

We might try and ignore the pain a bit today and get stuff done

Also i know the image below isn't AI, but for you dog enthusiasts here's Molly:

And here's Jack and Molly in the snow in about 2017