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Closing my Request Form and Future Plan


Hi Civitas,

2 Months of Weekly Uploads, 20+ LoRAs ...

... might not be a lot, but is definitely not nothing, and it have been a blast to make the loras about things that absolutely everyone find interesting, enjoyable and knows about to begin with. It is such a joy to work with the person that is so down bad passionate about a fetish subject and seeing that horniness passion take shape gradually to form the final product that is the lora, even the times that the outcome isn't ideal or just down right bad, which is probably 70% of the time always, being a part of the process really is a life-changing experience. But to paraphrase a Chinese proverb, there are no raves that never end, which brings me to......

The Request Form

As y'all probably maybe sorta already know somewhat, so far I have been taking requests via my request form, and working with the requester to see if there are enough data, which outfit works and which one doesn't, which specific variation of whatever concept is of interest, the whole shebang. However, with my day job getting even busier and my past catching up with me, upon consultation with professionals, I have realized this is not a sustainable situation, and I have made the difficult decision to close my request form.

Future Plan

To people that have never used my request form, nothing will change. I will still post occasionally irregularly, and I hope whatever I make in the future, there is someone that appreciate them and enjoy them. To the person that requested via the form before, I know you are not real now, you can't hurt me anymore, fuck you.