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Collection of touhou characters lacking training data or lora.


缺乏訓練數據或 lora 的東方角色集合。

Collection of touhou characters lacking training data or lora.


In others words, they now can only output by sample prompting, or using combination with someone else's lora.


博麗 靈夢, hakurei_reimu_\(pc-98\),

1girl, bow, solo, hair_bow, long_hair, pink_purple_hair:64, red_bow, japanese_clothes, hair_tubes, long_sleeves, wide_sleeves, hakama, holding, kimono, miko, pink_purple_eyes:64, white_kimono, very_long_hair, red_hakama, gohei, sidelocks, ofuda, smile, yin_yang, traditional_miko_outfit, white_top, younger_look, shrine_maiden, ability_to_fly, decent_shrine_maiden, skirt, kaikidan,

神玉, shingyoku_\(touhou\),

positive_negative, gatekeeper, original_gatekeeper, guard, gate, hell, demon_world, hakurei_shrine, yin_yang_ball, large_brown_yin_yang_orb

Shingyoku_\(female\), Shingyoku_\(male\),

幽幻魔眼, yuugenmagan, yoimiya_\(genshin impact\), kuki_shinobu_\(genshin impact\),

EvilEyes, playing_yoyos, yellow_yoyos, five_giant_eyeball_like_yoyos, shoots_beams_from_eyes, floating_eyeballs, electricity, human_figure, personifications, blonde_ponytail, yellow_kimono

サリエル, sariel_\(touhou\),

菊理, kikuri_\(touhou\),

1girl, solo, long hair, curly hair, long sleeves, smile, blonde hair, wide sleeves, gold_dress, gold_trim, frills, full body, closed eyes, frilled sleeves, yellow_ascot, yellow_theme, pink_aura, gold_theme, through_wall, stuck, large_breasts, praying, holding a blue_orb, hair ornament, forehead jewel, ascot, colorful, halftone


里香, rika_\(touhou\),

brown_eyes, long_brown_two_braids, white_shirt, purple_bow, grey_shirt, short_brown_pants, tank_engineer, girl_genius, braids, red_cloak, flower_tank, flying_tank_evileye_σ, warm_character, long_hair, brown_hair, blunt_bangs, parted_bangs, twin_braids, neck_ribbon, ascot, pants, red_headwear, wrench, screwdriver, tools, chalk, tank

霧雨 魔理沙, kirisame_marisa_\(pc-98\),

1girl, young_girl, red_hair, red_eyes, purple_clothing, yellow_bowtie, purple_cape, purple_hat, short_hair, purple_outfit, purple_dress, yellow_ribbon, long_sleeves, red_cape, red-haired_witch, pointy_ears


小兎姫, kotohime,

1girl, solo, very_long_hair, chignon, wide_sleeves, holding, long_sleeves, red_eyes, red_hair, japanese_clothes, sash, kimono, low_ponytail, tsurime, breasts, long_coat, long_pleated_skirt, police_badge, hand_on_hip, holding_a_police_badge, obi, white_kimono, sidelocks, haori, smile

朝倉 理香子, asakura_rikako,

droopy_eyes, purple_eyes, purple_hair, long_hair, swept_bangs, labcoat, pencil_skirt, black_footwear, solo, large_breasts, thighhighs, detailed_face, semi_rimless_eyewear, hair_between_eyes, hairband, yellow_bowtie, white_hairband_with_hair_ribbon, disheveled_hair, hands_in_pockets, scientist, rocket_engine, white_coat, spectacled_girl, science_textbook

北白河 ちゆり, kitashirakawa_chiyuri,

る~こと, ruukoto,

solo, 1girl, green_hair, maid_headdress, maid, smile, apron, short_hair, short_sleeves, puffy_short_sleeves, puffy_sleeves, blue_dress, dress, blue_eyes, maid_apron, open_mouth, white_apron, frills, waist_apron, ribbon, hairband, broom, yellow_eyes, :d, robot_joints, android-seams,


オレンジ, orange_\(touhou\),

くるみ, kurumi_\(touhou\),

エリー, elly_\(pc-98\),

幽香, kazami_yuuka_\(pc-98\),

(long hair), blue sky, brown lace-up boots, green hair, intricate, long hair, open vest, pants tucked in, red eyes, sultry look, wearing (red plaid vest) and red plaid pants set, wearing red plaid vest and red plaid overalls pants set, white shirt with long sleeves, yellow ascot


サラ, sara_\(touhou\), hitotsuyanagi_riri,

1girl, back bow, blush, bow, dress, frilled bow, frilled cuffs, frilled dress, frills, hair between eyes, hair ribbon, hand on own neck, hand up, looking at viewer, medium hair, pink hair, red dress, red eyes, red ribbon, ribbon, shikishi, short sleeves, side ponytail, solo, white bow, white sleeves, wrist cuffs, head tilt, short hair, bare arms, bare shoulders, breasts, eyebrows, floating hair, medium breasts, one side up, pink eyes, pink hair, pom pom clothes, red footwear, sleeveless, sleeveless dress, smile, turtleneck, clenched hand, serious, white legwear.

ルイズ, louise_\(touhou\),

short hair, twintails, blonde hair, yellow eyes, red eyes, hat, sundress, camisole, ribbon, bag, boots, short sleeves, white shiny dress, smile, closed eyes, squinting eyes, one eye closed, shiny skin, Spiritual Heaven, Demon, 1girl, solo, white dress, purple sailor collar, medium hair, low twintails, bangs, sun hat, white headwear, hat bow, purple bow, purple neckerchief, outdoors, blue sky, happy, large breasts, :D, open mouth, V arms, standing, tied hair, rolling suitcase, hand in own hair, salute.

アリス, alice_margatroid_\(pc-98\),

solo, 1girl, dress, blonde hair, hairband, blunt bangs, puffy sleeves, blue dress, yellow eyes, child, short stature, blue headband, blonde hair, short hair, wavy hair, blue eyes, blue dress, blonde hair, white shirt, blue suspender skirt, short sleeves, blue hairband,

ユキ, yuki_\(touhou\),

マイ, mai_\(touhou\),

bow, solo, wings, 1girl, blue eyes, blue hair, dress, hair bow, angel wings, white wings, feathered wings, puffy sleeves, short sleeves, white bow, white dress, frills, puffy short sleeves, ribbon, buttons, short hair, smile, sash, hair ribbon, breasts, white dress, blue eyes, blue hair, short hair, blue boots, white wings, Angel wings, white bow, blue hair, white dress, white boots, angel wings, white wings, white skirt, smile, blue eyes, white bow, white belt, white collar, big bow




上海人形, shanghai doll,

1girl, solo, blonde_hair, hairband, capelet, dress, blue_dress, short_hair, white_capelet, red_hairband, blue_eyes, lolita_hairband, frills, weapon, book, frilled_dress, doll, minigirl, apron, ascot, black_dress, boots, bow, brown_footwear, hair_bow, high_heels, lance, long_hair, mini_person, polearm, red_ascot, shoulder_guard, skirt_hold, smile, waist_apron, holding, holding_lantern, lantern,

蓬莱人形, hourai_doll,

1girl, blonde_hair, bow, capelet, doll_joints, hair_bow, joints, lance, long_hair, pantyhose, polearm, red_eyes, solo, weapon, dress, halberd, long_sleeves, red_dress, breasts, brown_dress, chain, cleavage, collarbone, expressionless, grey_eyes, large_breasts, layered_dress, lips, off_shoulder, robot_joints, tsurime, very_long_hair, bowtie, corset, hair_between_eyes, hair_intakes, large_bow, purple_eyes, red_bow, red_bowtie, red_capelet, serious, sidelocks, turtleneck, v-shaped_eyebrows, apron, back_bow, bloomers, braid, buttons, center_frills, doll, french_braid, frilled_apron, frilled_dress, frills, green_eyes, holding, holding_polearm, holding_weapon, juliet_sleeves, maid, puffy_sleeves, purple_bow, purple_bowtie, red_footwear, red_ribbon, ribbon, waist_apron, white_apron, white_bloomers, white_bow, white_ribbon, black_pantyhose, crossover, gatling_gun, gun, blue_eyes, hair_ribbon,

ゴリアテ人形, goliath_doll,

1girl, apron, belt, black_dress, blonde_hair, blue_eyes, bow, brooch, capelet, dress, dual_wielding, glowing, glowing_eyes, hair_bow, holding, jewelry, katana, long_hair, long_sleeves, scabbard, sheath, solo, sword, waist_apron, weapon, frills, hair_ribbon, ribbon, ahoge, black_pantyhose, blush, loafers, pantyhose, shoes, fire, flame, frilled_skirt, skirt,

魂魄妖忌, konpaku_youki,



1girl, solo, hat, brown_headwear, necktie, black_hair, pointy_ears, red_eyes, red_necktie, holding, jacket, shirt, short_hair, collared_shirt, long_sleeves, smile, bag, brown_jacket, cabbie_hat, hair_between_eyes, flat_cap, shorts, shoulder_bag, kneehighs, shoes,

collar_shirt, vest, brown_shorts, pantyhose, brown_belt, boots, brown_hair, bracelet, camera, belt, black_necktie, black_pantyhose, blazer, buttons, formal, head_tilt, jewelry, legwear_under_shorts, open_clothes, open_jacket, pointed_ears, pom_pom__\(clothes\), shirt_tucked_in, striped, striped_vest, vertical_stripes, white_shirt, wing_collar, wristband,


himekaidou_hatate_\(kourindou tengu costume\),

香霖堂, Curiosities of Lotus Asia,


三月精, Touhou Sangetsusei,

ルナチャイルド, luna_child,


レイセン, reisen_\(touhou_bougetsushou\),

1girl, solo, animal_ears, rabbit_ears, skirt, blue_hair, shirt, necktie, short_hair, weapon, collared_shirt, holding, jacket, rabbit_girl, rabbit_tail, tail, breasts, floppy_ears, gun, holding_weapon, long_sleeves, white_ears, red_necktie, black_jacket, light_blue_hair, pink_skirt,

綿月 豊姫, watatsuki_no_toyohime,

綿月 依姫, watatsuki_no_yorihime,

鈴奈庵, Forbidden Scrollery


1girl, long_hair, solo, japanese_clothes, dark_persona, hair_between_eyes, kimono, long_sleeves, red_eyes, smile, apron, checkered_clothes, checkered_kimono, red_hair, scroll, hair_down, skirt, possessed, orange_apron, holding_scroll,



蓬莱少女繪幻想, portrait_of_exotic_girls,