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Infinite Tabletop RPG NPC portraits

Infinite Tabletop RPG NPC portraits

How to make as many NPC pics as you could ever need.

I run a pathfinder Tabletop game online with friends. Finding that just right portrait for an NPC be it a throw away town guard, or an important NPC has always been a hassle and time consuming.

Now I generate them by the 10,000s using only dynamic prompts.

(On this page, click a 'category' to see images, there is 16,000+ there so might take a few seconds to populate some categories)

Examples of the pics on that page:

You will need:

Drop the wildcard folders into:

[Path to your SD]\extensions\sd-dynamic-prompts\wildcards

The Prompts:

Medieval (__dx/RPG/class__), __dx/RPG/medirace__ __dx/RPG/identity__ __dx/RPG/body__, wearing __dx/RPG/colors__, __dx/RPG/2_hair_color__, Medieval, photorealistic
Negative Prompt:
nude, easynegative, torch, fire, blue clothes, text, modern

The negative prompt is to keep them more SFW (less nude), blue clothes seem to be more common so balance it out, 'torch' and 'fire' because it likes to add orange torch light, or people holding them a lot. 'Text' to help remove the random signatures or..text. And 'modern' to help keep it more D&D/Pathfinder Style.

For the prompt, it goes and reads the wildcards, and mixes them in nearly endless ways.
So you get results like:

Medieval (Bartender in a Bar), Orc Older man with beard facial hair chubby, wearing Pomegranate colored clothes, Light blonde hair
Medieval (Villager), Drow Young woman muscular, wearing Plum colored clothes, Reddish-brown hair
Medieval (Fighter wearing Gold full plate armor), Halfling Middle-aged man with sideburns chubby, wearing Pale Taupe colored clothes, red hair
Medieval (Scout in the wilderness), Black Skinned Orc Woman muscular, wearing Cream colored clothes, brown hair
Medieval (Merchant in a Store), Orc Older woman muscular, wearing Orange colored clothes, brown hair
Medieval (Scholar in a Library), Goblin Teenage boy thin, wearing Electric blue colored clothes, brown hair

And so on.


16 steps is 'enough' but they come out better at 20 or 25. Anything over that seems to not add much for the extra time.

CFG scale is 5-7, seems to be the sweet spot.

Sampler is DPM++ 2M Karras