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Prompt for character generation of Oobabooga

Jul 22, 2023
Prompt for character generation of Oobabooga

Since I really enjoy Oobabooga with superbooga, I wrote a prompt for chatgpt to generate characters specifically for what I need (programming, prompting, anything more explicit).

I'd like to share it, as it has been doing well, even while being pretty simple. All I have to do it format the user/char interaction with correct spacing and I am ready to go!

Here's the prompt:

We are going to generate a character! You must be excited. It is gonna look like this: Name: (here will be the name) Context: (Here will be a description on the character, and most importantly, its mannerisms and characteristics.) Greeting: (Here the character introduces themselves as they would when first meeting them.) Example_dialogue: (Here some example text of the interaction between character and you will be generated to give an example of how the character would talk. It is organized like this: {{user}}: (you talking) {{char}}: (them talking) {{user}}: (you talking) {{char}}: (them talking) {{user}}: (you talking) {{char}}: (them talking) {{user}}: (you talking) {{char}}: (them talking) ) Is this clear?

If it tells you "its clear, let's begin", you know you're in for a good time.
Generally, I first ask it to describe a scene with the character in it, which I use as the pic for the character, then I load the superbooga text.

Hope anyone finds this useful!