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Arthemy - Evolve your stable diffusion workflow

Arthemy - Evolve your stable diffusion workflow

Hello, I’m Aledelpho!

You might already know me for my Arthemy Comics model on Civitai or for a horrible “Xbox 720 controller” picture I’ve made something like…15 years ago (I hope you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

At the end of last year I was playing with Stable Diffusion, making iterations after iteration of some fantasy characters when… I unexpectedly felt frustrated about the whole process:“Yeah, I might be doing art it a way that feels like science fiction but…Why is it so hard to keep track of what pictures are being generated from which starting image? Why do I have to make an effort that could be easily solved by a different interface? And why is such a creative software feeling more like a tool for engineers than for artists?”

Then, the idea started to form (a rough idea that only took shape thanks to my irreplaceable team): What if we rebuilt one of these UI from the ground up and we took inspiration from the professional workflow that I already followed as a Graphic Designer?

We could divide the generation in one Brainstorm area, where you can quickly generate your starting pictures from simple descriptions (text2img) and in Evolution areas (img2img) where you can iterate as much as you want over your batches, building alternatives - like most creative use to do for their clients.

And that's how Arthemy was born.

So.. nice presentation dude, but why are you here?

Well, we just released a public alpha and we’re now searching for some brave souls interested in trying this first clunky release, helping us to push this new approach to SD even forward.

Alpha features

Tree-like image development

Branch out your ideas, shape them, and watch your creations bloom in expected (or unexpected) ways!

Save your progress

Are you tired? Are you working on this project for a while?Just save it and keep working on it tomorrow, you won’t lose a thing!

Simple & Clean (not a Kingdom Hearts’ reference)

Embrace the simplicity of our new UI, while keeping all the advanced functions we felt needed for a high level of control.

From artists for artists

Coming from an art academy, I always felt a deep connection with my works that was somehow lacking with generated pictures. With a whole tree of choices, I’m finally able to feel these pictures like something truly mine. Being able to show the whole process behind every picture’s creation is something I value very much.

🔮 Our vision for the future

Arthemy is just getting started! Powered by a dedicated software development company, we're already planning a long future for it - from the integration of SDXL to ControlNET and regional prompts to video and 3d generations!

We’ll share our timeline with you all in our Discord and Reddit channel!

🐞 Embrace the bugs!

As we are releasing our first public alpha, expect some unexpected encounters with big disgusting bugs (which would make many Zerg blush!) - it’s just barely usable for now. But hey, it's all part of the adventure!* Join us as we navigate through the bug-infested terrain… while filled with determination.

But wait… is it going to cost something?

Nope, the local version of our software is going to be completely free and we’re even taking in serious consideration the idea of releasing the desktop version of our software as an open-source project!

Said so, I need to ask you a little bit of patience about this side of our project since we’re still steering the wheel trying to find the best path to make both the community and our partners happy.

Follow us on Reddit and join our Discord! We can’t wait to know our brave alpha testers and get some feedback from you!



PS: The software right now has some starting models that might give… spicy results, if so asked by the user. So, please, follow your country’s rules and guidelines, since you’ll be the sole responsible for what you generate on your PC with Arthemy.