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Got inspired to do a major undertaking (AKA My Another LoRAs list)


Screw it. All the female characters in Another are gonna be getting LoRAs provided they achieve the following condition:

  • Their dataset has 20 or more images.

  • If they have less than 20 or more images, they will be combined together into a chimera LoRA (I guess you can call it a Girlpack) where they will have their own 15-Epoch LoRA and then a LoRA where their dataset is combined with the others.

  • If they just have 1-2? They're getting thrown into the Chimera without even having a LoRA of their own.

  • If they're manga-exclusive, then I will be forced to create AI images of them, 12 being originals and 1 based off a panel they're featured in. Of course, they will be in the Chimera.

If they achieve that, boom. They get a LoRA. Expect this to slowly trickle out. In the meantime, here's all the LoRAs I've already done for Another.

And in the works:

  • Matsui Aki

  • Ayano Aya

  • Kyouko Kaneki

  • Sanae Mizuno

  • Tachibana (Manga-exclusive)

  • Misaki Yukiyo (Chimera)

  • Ogura Yumi

Being added to the Chimera:

Will just be added to the Chimera without any LoRA

  • Sachiko Nakajima

  • Tamie Mikami

  • Tokue Kubodera

  • Tomoka Inose

  • Hoshikawa Yuki