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Worlds Bar 🍷 - Branch V


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Just had a random idea of starting a drinks pics collection for each world morph, I'll be gradually filling this Worlds Bar 🍷 with beverages be it drinks, cocktails, soda or even simple water!

and if you have made any type of beverage form one the world morphs make sure share a link to the post in comments and i'll add it its respective shelve in the collection 👍

-- due the the limit of images in Civitai being 40 per Article I'm splitting Worlds Bar 🍷 into multiple branches --


Branch IV Storage (5/5 Bars)-(21 Menu items)

  • [5/7 Drinks] Oxide tech - World Bar🛢️

  • [4/7 Drinks] Chrome tech - World Bar🔩

  • [5/7 Drinks] Cupid Tech - World Bar💘

  • [4/7 Drinks] Jolt tech - World Bar⚡

  • [3/7 Drinks] Optical Tech - World Bar🔎


Latest Additions ➕

-- [+1 Drink @Jolt tech - World Bar⚡] --



Oxide tech - World Bar🛢️

OxT- Dubious Drink (by Sozutorn):

OxT- Murky Business (by Sozutorn):

OxT- Lime Oxide (by faustoserone393):

OxT- Strong Stuff :

OxT- Chocoloxide :



Chrome tech - World Bar🔩

CrT- Mind Reflections (by neilarmstron12):

CrT- Long Island Iced Tea (by faustoserone393):

CrT- Synthetic Smoothie (by Sozutorn):

CrT- Clear Vision:



Cupid Tech - World Bar💘

CpT- Perfect Couple (by Sozutorn):

CpT- Lovely Dawn (by cakc):

CpT- Sweet Blossom (by neilarmstron12):

CpT- Sip of Passion (by faustoserone393):

CpT- First Crush (by faustoserone393):



Jolt tech - World Bar⚡

JT- Thunder Infusion (by mageofthesands279):

JT- Thor Special (by neilarmstron12):

JT- Surge Shot (by faustoserone393):

JT- Energy Cell :



Optical Tech - World Bar🔎

OT- Optical Caesar (by faustoserone393):

OT- Synthetic Splash :

OT- Exited Photons :



Awaiting further brews . . .