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Where am I?

Jul 23, 2023

Hi. Yes, long time no see. It has sure been a while.
Where am I? Currently waiting for a new drive to arrive, since my current one is running out, and I'm getting sick of cleaning it. (painfully screams in 320 GB drive limit) So yeah, once I get a new one, I'll hop on creating some more LoRAs.

Did you know I'm also open to commisions? Yup. I don't ask much for return, around $5 is more than enough for me to get a coffee to keep me awake and getting more LoRA's out. Where? Good question. DM me here, and we can talk it out. Or just leave a tip, up to you, no pressure. <3

(this cover is a mock up, a filler, not a sneak peek to anything or something. trust. im honest.)