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Testing some photorealistic models, review soon, but for now - some samples :)


Hey hey, for the recent batch of models (the current 50 pack that I'm uploading) I've been logging the data which will be used to calculate which models worked best (subjectively) with my LyCORIS. There were around 20+ models used, some that I've previously used, some with newer versions, and some with new contenders. I hope to have it done around the weekend.

However, even during that time some new models or versions appeared, I had the opportunity to check the V8 of "I Can't Believe It's Not Photography" and it is really good.

You can check my samples here and by doing that you will uncover what models are waiting in the other batch :)

GJ @residentchiefnz !

I will be doing samples of other models this way in the future too, so stay tuned :)