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Westmix V1.0 Teaser, What Changed.


Change in Westmix V1.0 :

  • The biased Asian face as the default face has been eliminated, and the need to add "Asian" in negative prompts is removed.

  • To generate high-quality images that closely resemble real photos, you don't need lengthy and messy positive and negative prompts anymore. (ex. 4~7 neg. prompts)

  • Significant improvements have been made to generate top-quality results even with fewer sampling steps and lower configuration settings, catering to users with less powerful computer specifications. (Also With DPM ++ 2m Kerras, which is much faster than SDE 2m Kerras, you can now generate top-quality images)

  • The face generation process has been enhanced to create faces that closely resemble real photos and can produce more various faces than the previous testing version V0.

  • The prompt recognition has significantly improved as the number of prompts required to achieve high-quality results close to reality has been greatly reduced.

Currently in the process of final testing.

The sample images below were generated with only 7 basic negative prompts (No 'Aisan' included), no loras except for one noise related lora, no embeddings:

(Just want to let you know that resolution is poor when uploading images here)