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Apologies! We're a little behind!


So I realize that we DON'T have any reason to apologize but it's good to be honest - we've been doing well enough to do stuff finally, so thank you everyone for your support we've been able to keep above water because still creating meant it kept us JUST busy enough!

However, that means because July was a VERY HECTIC month for us we haven't checked our request forms.

We realize that we've made stuff with Earthnicity instead of doing our request list, and while we're less sorry about that then we are the backlog - we're still sorry just more like on that one: "SORRY NOT SORRY" :)

We're also dealing with some off-civit plausible legal drama right now, and are trying to make room to get back into doing things.

We also haven't streamed since early July, so our twitch is behind.

We're behind on releasing music.


Anyways, our request form is ALWAYS OPEN, it may not mean we GET TO IT, and we don't always ask for money - because we hate asking. We also don't mind doing things to learn, we consider the learning journey part of our overall project.

So for those uninformed our lora request list is here:

We DON't require money for training, but if you're happy to help us with GPU rental costs as we don't always use colab:

If you want to see our website and art project in progress (*warning the site is EXTREMELY in WIP mode) go here:

Not sure we've said much about our project we're doing, but we'll try and do a larger write up soon about it again!