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All Kancolle LoRAs Past and Present Compilation - Kantai Collection

All Kancolle LoRAs Past and Present Compilation - Kantai Collection

List here (Google Sheets, updated live):

This list attempts to be an actively maintained list of the most comprehensive collection of links to Kantai Collection embeddings out there. If it's for a character from Kancolle and there's a LoRA for it we're trying to have a link to it here.

I started this project in conjunction with gre4bee after we noticed it was getting hard to track which kanmusu have been trained by who, and what remained to be done. This is especially hard after some model pages were deleted, or had been posted in very niche locations to start with. Hopefully this makes for a good resource for anyone interested in making Kancolle media.

If you're interested in posting, discussing, and sharing Kantai Collection AI art, check out our AI Art subsection in our Discord

Inclusion Criteria

  • Must be LoRA, Lycoris, or textual inversion embeddings. No full models/checkpoints, although many NAI-based will do the popular characters more or less okay, sometimes, maybe.

  • Model must have been at some point available to the public on an open platform. (Linking MEGA from 4chan does count.)

  • List only includes models intended for characters, outfits and other visual concepts directly related to Kantai Collection. Models intended for other purposes that may only incidentally contain Kancolle images in their training data (artist styles, general concepts) are not included.

If we missed something that you think should be included, please leave a comment here with a link to it.


  • Models that are still available publicly will be credited to the username of the original posting.

  • If the submission is anonymous, it will be credited to (unknown).

  • Models that are no longer accessible on public platforms or are otherwise difficult to assign ownership are credited as (unknown).

  • If you think your work is included but not credited, please reach out to us on our Discord server.

Special thanks to h_madoka for making the Yuudachi LoRA used in thumbnail creation




中文(by ChatGPT)