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New UltraBasic Comfy Workflows! all SD versions!

New UltraBasic Comfy Workflows! all SD versions!

Special thanks to everyone that tried out my SDXL workflow for Comfy UI. After listening to the feedback I've decided to rework all my workflows to make them simpler & easier to work with.

The most common problem was the requirement for a bunch of custom nodes, so with the UltraBasic Workflows available now for all versions. None of them require custom nodes so they are easier to install and use now.

get them here for each version: SDXL/SD21-768/SD1.5

If you still want to use the custom nodes you can, simply build them on top.

The New SDXL 1.0 txt2img workflow has now been reworked and is faster than before:

I released an experimental Img2Img workflow for SDXL today also:

That's all for today, until next time ;)