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Scenario Loader 4.0.1

Jul 31, 2023

Hello everyone,

(I really wanted to make do this a video presentation, but I'm really not good at it. :) )

For a few weeks now, I have a been working on a small extension for A1111 called "Scenario Loader". It started as a simple program to reuse controlnet settings and ended up with a lot more feature than intended.

Some of you have been wanting to try it out, and now is the time. So without further a do, here's the github repository:

There are a few thing that I would like to mention though:

  • Up until now, this extension as been all about me, so there will be errors, decisions that bother you and cases I haven't thought about (or cared about ^^). I'm totally open to change most of the extension, I consider it an alpha version.

  • I'm sorry but as of right now you will not be able to use the prompts from my generated images. It came from a feature I failed to fully implement and have postponed for now. The current version should generate the actual prompts.

  • The current documentation is a bit rough (but please do read it ^^), please do not hesitate to point out things that are unclear. Also sorry for the typos, I'm working on it.

  • I will have little to no internet connection for the next three weeks (holidays :)) so I will take time to answer any questions or remarks.

  • The end goal is for scenarios/characters to be shared between persons and act as a second layer to models, making their use much easier. If you've got any idea regarding that part, I'll be glad to hear about it.

Thanks for reading. And have a great day :)