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The different between A1111 and comfyui

The different between A1111 and comfyui

Some interest findings of A1111 and comfyui

I was tested on A1111 and comfyui to produce similar image before. E.g.

A1111 almost as same as ComfyUI base only.

But it is not the final answer. Do they always produce the same image?

The answer is no.

After more testing, I had found that after 75 characters in the prompt which also the clip limit.

A1111 and comfyui start to produce different image which might be much more differences.

Let's see the examples:

75 characters almost the same.

76 characters Started to be different

80 characters

181 characters

This article is not to say A1111/ComfyUI is better. It needs more testing to judge and I doesn't interest in that.

The conclusion is simple. A1111 and ComfyUI would produce different results after 75 clip's limit. The different depands on your prompt length. If your prompt get longer, the different comes more.

Thank you for watching.

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