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How to merge Loras in Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 Models


How to merge loras in Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 Models?

That was a question good question that Afroman4peace asked me a few days ago.

After some trial and error I found out a very simple way:

Just use the Automatic1111 Supermerger!

  1. Load a fp16 or just a small 15 mb placeholder like my "mockingbird" in automatic1111 close all other stuff that use your Gpu!

  2. Open the Supermerger and select LoRa

  3. Add the model and the LoRA that you want merge in.

  4. Start Merge to Checkpoint

  5. And done but it will crash very... very ... often and its not that easy to finetune any model with that... its just trial and error ..... it very annoying but it seems it work better for Afroman4peace i hope in the future that the Supermerger will work better!

As a proof of concept you can look at from Afroman4peace

Please check also my models out and give a like ;-)