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Ko-Fi Pre Release Previews


Ko-Fi Pre Release Previews


We've had way too many times where we've just DROPPED a model without giving some love to our ko-fi supporters!

SO! Here's a quick sample and guide to some of the monthly & one time supporter's goodies you get in the folder this round!

Also if you want to get in on the fun and get in before the models get released ONE TIME AND MONTHLY supporters get the link regardless!

Full Model Samples

Porcelain Dusk Mix

sweats LOL, earthnicity and i share a private discord together and as we were working on stuff we thought it would be funny to name models after each other.

They got Porcelain Earth Mix and we got Porcelain Dusk Mix - but because we've dropped one too many models already by the end of July - we're dropping these for supporters!

Also we're eventually RE-NAMING Digital Fantasy to this, so y'all get a heads up on that before anyone else does!

There's a new textual inversion set for OseaDuskIsland or whatever it was called that's in the folder - the Fox dude is Earthnicity's TI. (What you think i'm not gonna just use their content? Sheesh)

(The textual inversion for this exists already- I just noticed she has double feet lmao)

Yes, we have a hot smexy Lucifer TI that should be in the folder there too :)

These ones with new TI's are all the same model.

Epic Mix V2 - Pastel(ish) Update

Lycoris & Textual Inversions

Duotone Style Lycoris

Activation Tag: DuoTone Style

Issues you may face: Lycoris isn't as good wit ha multiple style in one go -- It was literally meant to be the "FORMAT OF THIS" but my tagging wasn't so great -- it's an OK lycoris


No samples, this might not even work right it ws stopped half into training



I can't remember exactly the file names but these mirror earthnicity's Osea Island TI.

One of them does more facial detailing along WITH the scene and the other is just a good backdrop.

Shop Updates:


We've started putting Loras and such in the shop here:

Some of these are exclusive, some of them have managed to get up on Tensor, or have already been given to Earthnicity or we've uploaded them. We'll link to them here but no previews sadly - too hard basket LOL

Seven Eleven Lora:

Body Positive Lora

(This is up on tensor but not civit)

Illustration Lora

Not sure WHICH one of the original three trains this was - but if anything one version was one that earthnicity wanted - we set one up at tensor and one of them's in Ko-Fi

Hot Boys:

Niji Anime:

VR Fantasy:

Quasi Detailer:

TI Dump

This is missing more of the recent ones because we use Embedding merge every time we come up with a new concept this is as many as we remembered existed:



This i think is UP here but not sure

Duskfallcrew art (V2)


Other Announcements:

Lora Request Form Update

As of August 5th we'll be temporary closing off our LORA REQUEST Form to redesign it to the EARTH & DUSK form - plus we will be formulating some possible cut offs on certain subjects.

As for those waiting for a LORA concept to be trained:

Fear not, Earthnicity and I are going to go through it together - and we'll see who wants to do what.

They're more quiet than we are - thats not a lie - LOL.

If you want to get ahead of the queue I guess - because the queue is now 20+ items long: - Support us because bmaltais WORKS to a point on vast, but with sdxl updates happening some stuff is breaking, so we have to still keep up with colab a bit.


Mwahahaha - free wallpapers!

Yes, for those of you unable to enjoy ko-fi support releases just yet - there's a couple actual phone / desktop sizes, and then general sizes.

Similar to the pics above, just no foxes or people in them.


I forgot where the discord link went, i'll edit this later