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Unconscious Bias in Checkpoints - What No Prompts Reveal


This is a quick study to record a finding . . .

On a whim I decided to see what a checkpoint would render with no prompt entered either positive or negative.

In the past this had been tried and there were several articles (I can't remember where) about a ghostly anti-image lurking in the latent space of Ai Art. This was called LOAB.

Frank the Tank does a video here:

I then decided to run a script which loaded each checkpoint and see what it generated, if the seed was fixed and there were no prompts either negative or positive.

The result was more surprising in that whilst there was some variation across checkpoints, in particular those skewed toward anime images, many results were more similar than I would have expected.

No Prompts Example_Seed 813372321: v1-5-pruned-emaonly.ckpt

What you would expect from SD 1.5 Base Model

Below is the first tranche using seed 813372321

Interestingly No Prompts Example_Seed 813372321:

pirsusEpicRealism_v21.safetensors generated side by side toilet seats actually has some graphic similarity to some of the nude woman pics!

Below is a compilation of renders using seed 123456789. No hi-res upscale fix on this one.