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【Notice ! 】Allow Request to make Characters Lora


Important Notice 20230816

First at all, You need to let me know, what 2D/3D character "LORA" you want to make,

And I consider,

I cannot make real person, Sorry, Really Really Very Sorry about this, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

I mainly to make 2D/Anime/manga/movies/3d Games Characters, I cannot make real person because of the law.

I won't promise to make it until I promise to make it.

After I Allow Request ,

You choose 150 pictures or as many pictures as possible, zip to me👍

Send me the link with / / Google Drive

All requests are currently answered like this 🙏

Please Provide the character information (

首先,你需要讓我知道你想塑造什麼2D/3D角色 "LORA",我要先考慮製作與否,





,你選150張圖片或盡量多的圖片 zip給我👍 送連結給我

目前所有請求都這樣回覆 🙏