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Reelai Checkpoint - Preparing A checkpoint Photo / Art styles


Yo! Yo! yoooo!

Lovely human beings. If you already familiar with my work, you might get excited about this. I'm hoping for it! If you don't familiar my work, checkout my profile!

I was wondering around white papers about AI, specificially text to img generation while cross referencing some quicker vector calculations and stuff, i wanted to train some lovely checkpoints for academic purposes! :)

Anyway, Currently i'm working on a photorealistic checkpoint which you will find excellent works on this site. These pictures you're looking at from the earlier versions of checkpoint that i'm working on. I love how eyes looking proper than i imagine, i didn't want to enjoy it for myself.

I wanted to share it and i would like to ask to you if you have some styles for the checkpoint, i might add it if i'm able to.

If and when i complete this checkpoint, i will try to make a guide / video tutorial for your likings.



My latest results of s.d 1.5 basecard model.