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YeiyeiArt 2k Followers CONTEST!! GO, GO, GOOO!!!


Hello guys! Today, I want to celebrate reaching 2k followers on CivitAi.

I'm truly grateful and happy that you enjoy the models I've trained on the platform. That's why I'd like to announce a little contest that will begin on August 11th and have a deadline of Sunday, August 13th. You can win a free LoRa training + $60 USD.

What does this contest involve? To participate, you'll need to go to my profile and enter the most recent model that I will upload.

In the "Contest" model, post an image using any LoRa/checkpoint from my profile (YeiyeiArt). The image with the most reactions will be the winner ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ (only one entry per person will be counted).

Make sure to follow me on at least one of my social media platforms, either Twitter or Instagram (it's a requirement to be eligible for the prize and participate). The prize will be transferred via PayPal, so you should also have an active account.

I hope you can participate, and if this community event goes well, we'll have more with even better prizes in the future!! Thank you for supporting my work, and let's have fun TOGETHER!!