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An Evolution in Civitai's Review System: Quality, Constructiveness, and Fairness

Aug 11, 2023

At Civitai, we've always believed in the strength and value of our community. Our platform thrives because of your inputs, suggestions, and the valuable content you produce and share. Among the features that make our platform robust is our review system.

Why Are Reviews Important?

Before diving into the changes, let's reiterate the dual purpose of our review system:

  1. Informing Users: It serves as a guide, helping users gauge the quality of a resource before they make the decision to download and utilize it.

  2. Constructive Feedback: For our content creators, reviews are invaluable feedback mechanisms. They offer insights, critiques, and areas for enhancement, ensuring constant evolution and improvement in the quality of resources.

The Feedback We Received

We recently polled the community about potential changes to our review system. The majority expressed a wish for it to remain consistent. However, this overwhelming feedback also signaled to us that while the system is highly regarded, there's always room for improvement.

A smaller, yet vocal segment of our community has unfortunately been misusing the review system, overshadowing its primary purposes. While we value all voices and opinions, our commitment is to ensure that the review platform remains a space of constructive feedback and genuine resource appraisal.

What's Changing?

With this in mind, we're excited to unveil enhancements to our review system:

  1. Weighted Reviews: Not all reviews will have the same influence. Reviews that are thorough, objective, and uphold the system's dual purpose will be given more weight.

  2. Review Guidelines: We'll introduce clear guidelines on what constitutes a constructive review. These will serve as a roadmap for users to leave feedback that benefits both the resource creators and potential users.

Looking Ahead

We understand that reviews are more than just a feedback mechanism – they're a testament to our community's engagement, enthusiasm, and commitment to quality. These improvements are designed with one goal in mind: to uphold the integrity and value of the review system, ensuring it truly serves our community.

Thank you for your continued faith in Civitai. We remain devoted to providing you with a platform that's innovative, inclusive, and always evolving.