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Thank you for 1 Million Downloads!


It has been an interesting journey so far, who knew that when I started to create lora models back at the end of January that here I would be now with over 300 models and 1 million downloads.

Ever since the initial drop of AI image generation back in October and my experience creating large prompts through brute force to now being able to just prompt in a lora and get exactly what you want it has been a unique and fun experience.

I want you all to know that I read every single one of your comments even if I do not respond.

I also want to tell you all that I really appreciate it when you leave reviews and engage with me in discussions. I love to see what people make with my loras since I do not really generate images much besides previews and due to a feeling of burnout from generating images from back in November.

In appreciation of those that have helped me along me path I would like to recognize the following people here on CivitAI:


Civitai Page Discord Invite Patreon

They were my first real introduction to how to use prompts to make images back when NAI leaked.

It was a fun time interacting with their community and just exploring what prompts can do. They have something called Umi AI which is like a wild card system for prompting mainly for character generation so you should check it out.


Civitai Page Ko-fi Github

I would not be here to this day on this platform without the extraordinary help I received from Derrian. Without their lora easy training scripts I probably would have never really bothered to understand or create a single lora. Their scripts are very helpful to use so you should use them too!


Civitai Page

A very nice person who helped me to understand how to train loras on the eyes for inpainting.


Civitai Page Twitter

GuileGaze really puts in the effort when editing image generations. A real model of what users could achieve by combining image generation and post editing.


Civitai Page Ko-fi Github HuggingFace

Holo helps enable a lot of people train their own loras through google colab so make sure to read their guide and check out their models.


Never would of heard of Civitai if it weren't for you so thank you lol.

Also a shout out to all the mods and team of Civitai for continuously developing and keeping the site looking nice.

So in other news I was planning to do something once I hit 1mil and more Hololive characters to create a all in one lora for it eventually, however this is on pause for a bit due to real life commitments towards finding a job which takes priority over this. Will resume once I get a job x-x

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