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What's new this week with Civtiai - 8/11/2023


What's new this week with Civitai

  • SDXL IMAGE Contest: It's in full swing! Gotten a lot of really great entries and it's been a blast reviewing them. As a heads up we're getting 3000+ images submitted to this contest a day so if you're not seeing your image appear in the feed give it a bit as we're still going through the backlog.

  • Image Generation Infrastructure test: We'll be periodically opening up on-site image generation to everyone over the course of the next week. We're in the final stage of getting the backend for this scaled so expect a full release soon!

  • Reviews poll: This week we ran a poll regarding how our current review system works. Based on this feedback we've outlined some changes to the review system we'll be making to ensure reviews are fair and useful.

  • LoRA Training We're testing on-site training, starting with LoRA! We're looking for people who want to test it, if you have a dataset and a burning desire to create a resource of your own apply here for the alpha

  • Looking for Curators: We're looking for people with an eye for the interesting to become curators of the items that appear in the "Featured" sections of the homepage. If you're interested in inflicting your tastes on others apply here

Community Spotlight: Resources
Jumpstart your resin-art Youtube career
It gets weird
It gets weirder
Frankly jaw-dropping.

Fun Stats

  • 3,390 New resources

  • 12.3M Downloads (14.5PB of downloads)

  • 9.7k New reviews

  • 9.1k New comments

  • 20.7k New posts

  • 73 New articles

  • 246 New creators

  • 93.6k New images

  • 263.9k New image reactions