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Comfyroll Workflow Templates - Troubleshooting Guide

Comfyroll Workflow Templates - Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is intended to help users resolve issues that they may encounter when using the Comfyroll workflow templates.


  • Keep your ComfyUI install up to date

  • Always restart ComfyUI after making custom node updates

  • Always do recommended installs and updates before loading new versions of the templates


  • Issues with MileHighStyler node

  • module has no attribute 'ModelPatcher'

    • 31/08/2023 - there have been a couple of changes to core libraries this week, if you get this error then please update your ComfyUI from the bat file

  • PngInfo() issue on CR Image Output

    • The PngInfo issue is caused by a missing library. This library was accidentally removed during a cleanup of the Comfyroll Custom Nodes code. We reinstated this in a recent update. It should be possible to fix this by updating the nodes using ComfyUI Manager.

    • If you still have problems, a simple workaround would be to replace these the Default, Styled and Enhanced output nodes with the standard Image Preview or Save Image nodes.

  • Error occurred when executing CR Multi-ControlNet Stack:

    Comfyroll_ControlNetStack.controlnet_stacker() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'image_2' and 'image_3'

    • This may occur on the Multi-ControlNet templates if you have only one or two images connected to the CR Multi-ControlNet Stack node. This node requires an image to be connected to all three image inputs, even if the ControlNets are not being used.

    • Add connections to your controlnet source image.

  • wrong SD model version on SDXL templates

    • SD1.5 models will generate an error if used as a Base model

  • SDXL Sampler issues

    • these may be caused by updates to to the Searge SDXL nodes

    • they can usually be fixed by updating the Searge custom nodes

  • zoe depth pre-processor not working for some users

    • we are aware of this issue but don't have an explanation yet

  • MileHighStyler node missing

    • download SDXL Style Mile from CivitAI

    • place the zip file in custom_nodes and unzip

  • missing Seed node

    • the WAS Seed node was renamed to Seed (Legacy) in a recent update

    • unfortunately this creates a red node

    • we have added a new CR Seed node to the Comfyroll Custom Nodes

    • you can replace Seed and Seed to Int with the new node

    • or you can use the WAS Seed (Legacy) node

    • another workaround is to attach a Primitive node to the seed on the sampler and this will give the same functionality

  • workflow doesn't run and SDXL Aspect Ratio Node is highlighted

    • the SDXL Aspect Ratio node was updated (25/08/2023) to include ratios (e.g. 3:4)

    • you will need to repick your aspect_ratio and re-run

  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'comfy.controlnet'

    • This is caused by a change to the ComfyUI backend files

    • Run the file to update ComfyUI

  • Error occurred when executing Preview Image: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

    • this is usually caused by a missing default batch in Load Image Batch

    • create a folder on your ComfyUI drive for the default batch and place a single image in it called image.png, then copy the full path of the folder into the path field on the node

  • sigma_min and sigma_max must not be 0 on SeargeSDXLSampler

  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'matplotlib'

    • a fix has been included in the latest verison of the Comfyroll Custom Nodes

    • the matplotlib library should automatically download now

    • updating WAS nodes should also fix this problem

  • missing {'cond_stage_model.clip_g.transformer.text_model.embeddings.position_ids'}

  • Comfyroll_ControlNetStack.controlnet_stacker() missing 1 required positional argument

    • please ensure all image inputs are connected when using multi-ControlNet stacks

  • 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower'

    • please can you have selected a checkpoint model from the drop down

Older Errors

These may apply to old workflows that you want to re-use.

  • tuple index error

    • this was caused by an older version of the CR Aspect Ratio node

    • update the Comfyroll nodes using ComfyUI Manager

    • restart ComfyUI and reload the workflow

  • SDXL Sampler issues on old templates

    • on some older versions of templates you can manually replace the sampler with the legacy sampler version - Legacy SDXL Sampler (Searge)

  • local variable 'pos_g' referenced before assignment on CR SDXL Prompt Mixer

    • this occurs if you have an older version of the Comfyroll nodes

    • reselect the preset on the SDXL Prompt Mixer node

  • Warning message: Seed too large for power noise

    • this warning can be ignored

  • for a short period an update to ComfyUI caused issues with saving to variable paths on the Modular Template

    • this should be fixed by updating ComfyUI and tinyterraNodes

  • Image Flip has changed, and may make an error if you don't have the latest WAS update

    • you can either update WAS custom nodes, replace the node with your legacy version, or delete the node

Node Issues

  • You can report issues with specific CR nodes at the link below

  • You can also check on open and closed node related issues here

  • Please do not report template issues on this link, it is only for node issues


  • If you restart ComfyUI a second time it is easier to see if an installation error is occurring

  • If you get an error, sometimes the ComfyUI log screen (CMD) will tell you more about the error than the pop-up in the UI

  • If your controlnet output looks a bit weird, check that you have matched the preprocessor and the controlnet model, e.g. the OpenPoseXL controlnet should be used with the OpenPose preprocessor