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What's new this week with Civitai - 6/2/2023



We're working on some big new features that are using all of our collective dev power, but it'll be at least another week or two before they're ready for early access. We'll have some more to reveal there next week.


Other than that we've made a few small tweaks this week:

- Added two new leaderboard categories, Assets and Tools. To the creators in these categories, thank you! What you do to lift the entire community is appreciated.

- Added ONNX support for Checkpoint type models. Be sure to check out the first one, the model used by Roop to support face replacement in video.

Community Spotlight

If the aliens from Arrival used their cool ink-powers to make stylized scenery instead of teaching their language, it would look like this.

Grab it before Tik-tok makes it a built in feature.

A grungey 80's comic aesethtic we're here for.

Fun Stats

3,108 New resources

10.87M Downloads (12.1PB of downloads)

10k New reviews

11.5k New comments

15.7k New posts

71 New articles

323 New creators

66.9k New images

172k New image reactions