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SDXL Update for Duskfallcrew


Short and sweet complaint here lmao.

In making SDXL content we've noticed not a huge uptake, because it's usually enthusiasts and people that have local GPU's able to use it.

That being said we're not QUITTING making y'all SDXL content, just that it's extremely hard to keep up with right now, we're getting hellscape level "CUDA" errors just trying to make images and using a refiner when I refuse to use Comfy UI is just -- a nightmare.

So y'all get a break.

We'll be back to SD 1.5, we're not quitting SDXL - we want to still push the envelope where possible..

Hype won't die for SDXL, but it's extremely a large barrier to entry, and not everyone gets the point of it - i think the clickbaitey marketing turned people off - people don't really care what kills or doesn't kill a service--

So yea, we'll go back to our SD 1.5 hole asap.