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Stable Diffusion Training Dataset Editor

Stable Diffusion Training Dataset Editor

This is a tool written in python by chatgpt and myself. Mostly chatgpt. I posted it on github so others can help colaborate on it. But for now its just chatgpt and myself.

Zip file conatains a pyinstaller windows build, which may or may not be upto date. Recommended to get the script directly for latest version.
Latest Version can be found on my github.


pip install Pillow

It also uses OS and tkinter, which should be installed by default with python.

Run with python.

Run python scripts without console window by changing file type to "*.pyw"


This does not create the initial datasets. This simply looks into a specified folder and pulls up the images and text files of the same name. If the text file does not exist you can create it when you click save. You can also save your changes to a different directory keeping your original data unmodified. I would still back it up.

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