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Artists Evolving with AI: Tools & Visual Aids


Prompt Engineering is an Artform in itself, as words do have power and create images in our minds as well. Here is an idea I have for how artists may be able to use these tools to enhance their work in real life.

Step 1: Initial Model Training (AIBASE Prototype)

  1. Collect and curate a dataset of your old artwork (OLDART) and example images of your desired future art style (GOALART).

  2. Categorize these images as OLDART and GOALART.

  3. Train your initial LORA model (AIBASE prototype) using this categorized dataset.

  4. Fine-tune the model as needed to achieve the desired output quality.

Step 2: Generating Inspirations and Creating New Art

  1. Use your trained AIBASE prototype to generate inspiration for 21 new drawings, paintings, photos, and sculptures.

  2. These generated images will act as creative prompts for your new original art pieces to be captured and digitized for further training

Step 3: Creating the Updated Training Dataset

  1. Once you've created your new art pieces based on the generated inspirations, take photos of them.

  2. Categorize these images as NEWART.

  3. Combine your OLDART and NEWART images with your GOALART images to curate further create a new training dataset.

  4. This dataset should include categories OLDART, NEWART, and GOALART.

Step 4: Refining and Updating the Model

  1. Train a new LORA model using the refined training dataset (OLDART, NEWART, GOALART).

  2. Fine-tune the model to achieve better performance and accuracy.

  3. This refined model will now be your updated AIBASE model for creating new original art.

Step 5: Seasonal Curations and Updates

  1. Periodically, update your model by collecting new OLDART, NEWART, and GOALART images.

  2. Refine and update your training dataset and model to incorporate new artistic developments and styles.

  3. This process ensures your model evolves with your artistic growth and preferences.

By following these steps, you're setting up a structured approach to train, refine, and update your AI models for various creative domains. It's a dynamic process that allows you to capture your artistic journey and style evolution over time. Remember that each iteration will contribute to enhancing the capabilities of your AI model and bringing your artistic visions to life.