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Combinatorial Prompt Formatter

Combinatorial Prompt Formatter


This is a simple UI that can help you quickly format individual (or grouped) tokens for use with the popular Dynamic Prompts extension


Running this code

Simply download the latest release and double click the .pyw file to launch the script.

Or clone/download the latest commit.

General Usage

Add your "primary tokens" to the fields on the left. Add your "secondary tokens" to the fields on the right.

ALT + Arrow keys quickly shifts between columns/rows.

Middle Click to quickly delete text in any column/row.

You can separate additional tokens with a comma and space in any field like so: token1, token2, token3

Primary+Secondary mode: {primary1, {thing1|thing2|thing3}}

Picks a primary token, and a secondary token.

Primary 1, thing1

Primary 1, thing2

Primary 1, thing3

Secondary only mode: {thing1|thing2|thing3}

Only picks a secondary token.




Check out the official syntax documentation for the Dynamic Prompts extension, there's way more info and ideas for you there.


Python 3.10.6 or greater

tkinter (Comes preinstalled with Python)