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img-txt_viewer - Quick and easy manual captioning

img-txt_viewer - Quick and easy manual captioning

Check it out here on my Github! 👋


Display an image and text file side-by-side for easy manual captioning. + Tons of features to help you work faster!

📝 Usage

  • Prepare Your Files:

    • Put each image and its matching text file in the same folder.

    • If you choose to include a text pair for an image, ensure they are located in the same folder and have identical names.

    • For example: 01.png and 01.txt, 02.jpg and 02.txt...

    • Supported image types: .png .jpg .jpeg .webp .bmp

💡 Tips and Features

  • Shortcuts:

    • ALT+Left/Right: Quickly move between img-txt pairs.

    • Del: Send the current pair to a local trash folder.

    • ALT: Cycle through auto-suggestions.

    • TAB: Insert the highlighted suggestion.

    • CTRL+F: Highlight all duplicate words.

    • CTRL+S: Save the current text file.

    • CTRL+Z / CTRL+Y: Undo/Redo.

    • Middle-click: a token to quickly delete it.

  • Tips:

    • Highlight duplicates by selecting text.

    • Enable List View to display text in a vertical list format.

    • Enable Big Comma Mode for more visual separation between captions.

    • Blank text files can be created for images without any matching files when loading a directory.

    • Autocomplete Suggestions while you type using Danbooru/Anime tags, the English Dictionary, or both.

    • Running 'Edit Custom Suggestions' will create the file 'my_tags.csv' where you can add your own words to the suggestion dictionary.

  • Text Tools:

    • Batch Token Delete: View all tokens in a directory as a list, and quickly delete them.

    • Cleanup Text: Fix simple typos in all text files of the selected folder.

    • Prefix Text Files: Insert text at the START of all text files.

    • Append Text Files: Insert text at the END of all text files.

    • Search and Replace: Edit all text files at once.

  • Auto-Save

    • Check the auto-save box to save text when navigating between img/txt pairs or closing the window.

    • Text is cleaned when saved, so you can ignore typos such as duplicate tokens, multiple spaces or commas, missing spaces, and more.

    • Clean text on save Can be disabled from the options menu. (Disabling this may have adverse effects when inserting a suggestion)

🚩 Requirements

You don't need to worry about anything if you're using the portable/executable version.

You must have Python 3.10+ installed to the system PATH.

Running the script will automatically fulfill all requirements.

The pillow library will be downloaded and installed (if not already available) upon launch.

The danbooru.csv and dictionary.csv files will be downloaded (if not already available) upon launch.

📜 Version History

Check out the releases page for all changelogs.

(This page will not be updated as frequently as the github page, some info may be out of date)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, thank you!