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Soo What's Next 🐹


just wanted to take this moment to appreciate what we have so far, talk about future plans and mby answer some questions 😄

Cheers to AIs tech !

I still cant believe that for for last couple of year we when went from "meh.. cool tech.." to "yeah, that s pretty good " to "where's my daily Ai fix !!" what seemed like voododo tech in the past is now the most casual new content type and I was skeptical first as an artist but now loving every bit of it !

How did we get here . .

I initially started training stuff to collect anime Artsyles then I started training it so explore new worlds concepts mainly for inspiration (tho still a collector at heart 🙃)

a couple of ideas from me and other from the people at 📌 LoRA Ideas Pinboard (you guys are amazing!) and now some I have small catalog on hand filled with different wacky world types.

whats better as an artist this made my ref board journey gathering infinity more enjoyable then the usual stroll on pint pinterest.

What's Next :


Welp . . for starters there's almost infinite worlds in SD that aren't just going to uncover themself so count on more World Morphs LoRAs , as you might have noticed I tend to train 3 types for World Morphs (energy based, material based, tech based)

right now I'm thinking of adding a new World Morph type (Civilization based) delving a bit more in history with a bit of of twist to it ;p

what about Magic and Grimoires ? the Grimoires series has certainly been well received so yeah I'm planning for more released in the future, feel free to suggest any sort of unusual magic in 📌 LoRA Ideas Pinboard I would love hear your ideas

Between Artstyle & Techs & Magic What you think I should pay more attention to ?


as for exploring World Morphs LoRAs Im planning to add new collections and restructure old ones ..

  • I want to find a way to make Words bar in a single place instead of multiple branches

  • as [📦 Worlds Collections] - Worlds Potions is filling up nicely with alot of amazing creations im might start another rpg-like collection Worlds Armory (yes its for both blades and guns alike)

  • Im going to restructure [📚 Worlds Encyclopedia] into [🗺 Worlds Dimensional Port]

    • I'm thinking of making like an top down isometric game map 🗺

    • Its should cover access to other collection locations like world bars, potion shop

    • has structured thumbnails for each world covering [LoRA | World Entry | Visit]

    • the new item here is Visit, its basically a collection article that acts like a guided tour to that specific world exploring subjects from categories like (food, culture, nature, entertainment) , and it community opened so yeah so yeah you can contribute to filling the guided tour with own amazing creations.


  • any plans to train SDXL resources ?

  • nope, not planning to do so any time soon, I'm barley getting respectable generation time on SD1.5 so I'm not training what cant use later , training sessions are too long for Collab to allow to that practically seals the deal for me :p #PotatoPcGang #SD1.5Gang

  • any intentions of updating old LoRAs ?

  • not out if the question, provided I get my hand and at far better dataset or if I adopt a new training approach that benefit said LoRA.

  • any intentions to train other stuff besides styles ?

  • I might occasionally pop a character or environment LoRA if I rly need it and if the community hasn't covered it already .

  • any plans to make a training guide ?

  • Well I might if I'm adding anything new to table, but for now all the information are covered by people who can write far better the do and it all here on Civi's guides section.

  • will that satisfactory LoRA ever come out of ice !

  • my save files got corrupted after a long session *table flip* and cant keep nagging my friend about family sharing it so its on-hold for now 🧊

  • why hamsters ?

  • hampter is live hampter is love 💗

If you got any questions or opinions make sure to leave em the in the comment section.