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Unexplained facial blemishes? It might be "intricate" in your prompt.

Unexplained facial blemishes? It might be "intricate" in your prompt.

Why is it drawing on her face?

For as long as I can remember, there were gens I made where weird blemishes that looked like cracks in concrete would show up on the subject's face. Never knew the answer. I would think "why is it drawing shit on her face?!". The rest of the image would look great but her face would be messed up. Every now and then it would happen in a new prompt I was experimenting with. I could never isolate the reason, until now.

Below is a crop from an image that was generated using hires. fix. The original image is 1024x1536, so we are quite out-of-range of the separate face detail issue which happens at smaller resolutions. You can see the facial features are defined well, but there are lines across her cheeks, jaw, and some on her forehead. Why?

With this new mix I'm working on I could finally see what the model was trying to draw clearly enough to identify that it was the token "intricate" causing the problem.

When used as a token (for some models), "intricate" can give the appearance of enhancing detail. It does this by producing more patterns and varied texture where it would have normally generated a smoother surface or gradient. Apparently the face is not off-limits for this (as we know happens with some other tokens as well).

What's the solution?

Enabling adetailer and putting (intricate:1.5) in the neg (along with some other tokens I've found work well - see below) gets really good results to get around this problem. (Note that I am using two textual inversions in the negative - CyberRealistic Negative, and the SkinPerfection Negative v1, so it's not just a simple text prompt). This lets us keep "intricate" in the prompt with high attn for the nice details, and without getting all the half-assed face tattoos/makeup.

If you are finding unexplained blemishes on your subject's face, try this solution out, particularly if you are using "intricate" in your prompt.

Adetailer positive prompt:

(attractive gorgeous photogenic disney princess:1.3), (big lips:1.4), textured skin, pores, (moles:0.7), (freckles:0.6), hair accessory, detailed, lifelike, texture, real

Adetailer negative prompt:

(intricate:1.5) (illustration, drawing:1.4), (plump, greyscale), CyberRealistic_Negative-neg (SkinPerfection_NegV1)

Denoise: 0.4 (I bet other values would work well too, play around with it if you like)

CFG: 7

Here is a crop using the same generation settings, prompt, seed, etc, but with the adetailer details above added in.

If you found this helpful, please consider following me for future posts. I intend to make a longer article with several tips I've picked up over months of daily experimentation. I will also be releasing the mix I used to make these images soon.