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HappyDiffusion - Run Stable Diffusion In The Cloud


HappyDiffusion is an advanced AI image generator that runs in the cloud, eliminating the need for a personal GPU or any kind of setup. Our aim is to make advanced AI image generation tools accessible to anyone with a cheap computer and an internet connection.


Advanced UI - HappyDiffusion runs on the most advanced and versatile Web UI for Stable Diffusion called Automatic 1111.

Privacy - HappyDiffusion guarantees 100% privacy. No user data is saved, and all data is permanently deleted once the virtual machine is terminated.

Speed - Utilizes powerful NVIDIA GPUs, such as NVIDIA A100, enabling the generation of over 7000 images per hour.

Top Rated Image Models - HappyDiffusion boasts over 50+ highly-rated image models, considered the best on Civitai.

Affordability - Pay-as-you-go pricing based on image generation speed. You only pay for the time you use the platform.

No Setup Required - No need for any setup or installation of any dependencies. Launch Stable Difffusion in one click.

Integrated File Browser - View and download all the generated images with a integrated file browser.

Complimentary Trial - New users get 15 minutes to try out HappyDiffusion.

Dedicated GPU - Each user gets a fully dedicated GPU which starts in less than 60 seconds.

Stable Diffusion XL - This is the latest image model from Stability AI, available on HappyDiffusion.

Model Training - Users can train their own image models with HappyDiffusion.

Mobile Optimized - HappyDiffusion can run on any mobile browser.

Custom Models - Add any custom image model from Civitai.

No Need of Powerful Hardware - HappyDiffusion runs entirely on cloud, eliminating the need of GPU on your device.

Custom Extensions - Install several extensions for Automatic1111 from GitHub.

Video Generation - Generate awesome trippy videos using Deforum and Infinite Zoom.

Getting Started:

1. Open and choose between Fast Machine, Rapid Machine, or Beast Machine.

2. Log in with your Google account.

3. Start generating images.