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AI Image Hording | Free Cloud for Amazon Prime Payer

AI Image Hording | Free Cloud for Amazon Prime Payer

Leveraging Amazon Photo Service for Ai Image Saveing with Amazon Prime Subscription!

Hey there, tech-savvy creators! We're all about embracing the digital era and making the most out of our artistic endeavors. You might be wondering about the best way to store all those dazzling AI-generated masterpieces you've been crafting. Well, look no further! Let's talk about why uploading your creations to Amazon Photos is a total game-changer as long you already pay for Amazon Prime!

Info:Amazon Photos offers unlimited Storage for Pictures (and 5Gb for Video) aslong you have a Active Prime Subscription. If you Subscription end and you have more then 5GB of Pictures u have 180days to Download it befor it gets Deleted.

Why Bother Uploading?

  1. Space is Precious: Your AI-generated masterpieces can be quite the storage guzzlers. By embracing that service, you're liberating your device's storage, ensuring it's ready for your next eureka moment.

  2. Preserve the Magic: Your Generated Art dosnt need to be Deleted to get some Space back or when your Harddrive dies it still in cloud.

  3. Across the Universe, I Mean, Devices: If u have the phone app u always have all your Creations with in your Palms Reach .

How to Get Started

  1. Prime Power: To begin your cloud-bound art adventure, an Amazon Prime subscription is your golden ticket.

  2. Activate Photo Service: visit your amazon website and switch to Photos and sign in, it will ask you to login via QR code thats just for the mobile app just refresh the page and you are in. (example: )

  3. Grab the Installer/App: on the top right Download the Amazon Photos Installer and install it on your maschine.

  4. Login Dance: Open the exe, log in using your Amazon account, and let the art adventure begin! Dont use the "First use Setup", if you dont want it automatic save/upload your Default Windows Image Folder.

  5. Auto Magic: Activate automatic backup, and set it up to Automaticly upload the folder you AI Art is Saved in from A1111, Comfi... and watch as your AI creations elegantly waltz their way into the cloud.
    Info: Created Addional /AI/Art Folder on Amazon Photos for the Automatic Upload/Backup to keep some structure.

Addional Notes:

  • I would recommend setup a Folder structure for saved images "Project Name" or "Date" Based, easier to look trough them.