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Test of Time Saving Training on SDXL based on Reddit Comments of Stability Programmer

Test of Time Saving Training on SDXL based on Reddit Comments of Stability Programmer

This is a quick test of training on SDXL with the real name token as the start instead of a nonsensical token name, like I have normally been doing. It is based off the Reddit comments from Malcolm Reynolds Article

You can find the thread here

Civitai | 500! Yup, today we've reached a milestone in uploaded models :)

I tested 2000 step training with Real name vs the standard(ish) 6000 steps i normally do with a made up token name.

My subject was Ariel Winter.

Some Training time context

6000 steps takes me 7.5 hours on a 3060

2000 steps took me 2.5 hours on said 3060

1/3 the time! and it has a face comparison software (for whatever they are actually worth) of 95% up from the 82% that base SDXL image produced

I'm going to be honest...this feels a little like cheating...but it's damn interesting and I will continue to test.


I was thinking about ways to improve the skin quality of my subject and i realized that all my

Reg Images, which were produced from SDXL 1.0 with only the prompt "woman" are all very soft light and , pardon the pun, diffused light. Everything looks like a whispery dream... here is a few examples

as you can see, same soft tone. I know the logic is to use the same checkpoint to make the reg images so that it sort of creates a feedback loop for the system, so to speak. But some prominent people in the community have suggested using real photos to increase detail of the training. So i downloaded 300+ photos of women from Unsplash. Literally a random mix of women. And I reran the exact same training images of Ariel Winter with the same parameters but with these real photo reg images.

Here is the results

There is some additional details, like the freckling on her nose and perhaps a little more texture in the skin of her cheeks, but there is not a huge improvement. I think it is better but it's still too early to gauge.

My Next Step will be to run a full training without calling the token of Ariel Winter that SDXL 1.0 knows and see what I get. Maybe part of the skin issue is what I may be inheriting from the default token. If default Woman token is as slow and light as the Reg images I posted, then maybe the weights on Ariel are the same way. I doubt that is all of it but that's the next thing to check off the list.