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Using Civitai – A Beginner’s Guide

Using Civitai – A Beginner’s Guide

Using Civitai - A Beginner's Guide

You've made it to - great! 👍

But what next? How do you create an account? How do you configure your account preferences, or rearrange the homepage to your liking? Or apply to be a Homeblock Curator? What even IS a Homeblock Curator?! How do you filter and search for content?

Civitai is a big site, and while we're doing our best to make our interface intuitive and easy to use, getting started is a challenge. This guide, part 1 of our Using Civitai series, is intended to help new users get up-to-speed with the very basics of using Civitai.

The guide will be expanded over time, and updated to include new site features and changes as they appear! Check the full guide out on the Civitai Education Hub.