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Whats new this week with Civitai - 9/1/2023


What’s new this week with Civitai?

  • Contests are over: Our SDXL Training and Image contests are over! Congrats to the 28 winners in total! See the winners and our results here.

  • Image gen: the ability to generate images is now live for all users, currently still in testing and more features to add, but enjoy testing your favorite 1.5 models and LoRA’s for free on site. (SDXL support coming soon)

  • Round table interview: Our chief dude @justmaier has been invited to partake in a Builders Roundtable with OctoML on september 13th. If you’re interested in how Civitai is thinking about the future of Image Generation tune in.

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3,404 New resources
12.6M Downloads (13.4PB of downloads)
9.1K New reviews
9.0K New comments
20.6K New posts
108 New articles
262 New creators
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267K New image reactions
6.8K New Collections
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