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CR Animation Nodes - Troubleshooting Guide

CR Animation Nodes - Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is intended to help users resolve issues that they may encounter when using the CR Animation Nodes.


  • Keep your ComfyUI install up to date

    • it is recommended to use the batch file update method

  • Always restart ComfyUI after updating custom nodes

Installation issues

  • If you have trouble installing MTB then you can try using a Primitive node as a workaround

    • set this to 0 and 'increment' and then set the batch count in Queue Prompt to the number of frames to be processed


  • FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/xxxxxxxx/ComfyUI/styles'

    • This is caused by the new CR Load prompt Styles

    • A fix was been uploaded. Please redownload.

  • CR Load Flow Frames not working as expected

    • This nodes has a bug in v1.1

    • The bug has been corrected in v1.2

  • IndexError: list assignment index out of range

    • This occurs when the number of prompt keyframes is greater than the max_frames in the Prompt Scheduler

    • Check how many prompt keyframes you are generating and compare to the max_frames in the Prompt Scheduler and the total frames in the Animation Builder nodes. The highest index on the prompt keyframes should be at least one less than the max_frames and total_frames.

    • A fix for this error is planned.

  • KSampler tensor size error

    • This can occur when 1.5 and SDXL models or LoRAs are mixed in the same workflow

    • Check to see if a model or LoRA has been configured in error

  • Module not found errors

    • We are making some changes that should automatically install missing packages

    • If you get this error, you can do a manual fix by downloading the package from

      • place the package files in you \python_embeded\Lib\site-packages folder


  • On nodes with a current_frame widget, always convert the widget to an input, and then connect to CR Current Frame or another index source

  • You can use the Prompt Keyframe Generator workflow (included in the Demo workflows pack) to practice building keyframes and reviewing the out

Known Issues

  1. Division by zero error on Cycler nodes when the attached list is empty