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I HAVE RETURNED! (once again)


Right i am back! now that i have a bit of time again and have thought out a better way to do all of this stuff i plan to make some more loras (i was incredibly annoyed that i had to stop for a while)

this time i am NOT going to be releasing every week, day, it just gonna be a bit random, sorry about that!

as much as i want to remake the suggestion list I'm not going to be able to make them thanks to certain... issues (Bing censoring everything),

so i am going to be doing stuff that i can figure out! i am only going to be working on loras from Friday's to Monday's (mainly because im busy the rest of the week), so they might take a good while for me to get them uploaded

sorry for all the ups and downs since i started all this! but this time I'm back and I'm staying!, and thanks again for liking all the stuff i create!

Just saying SDXL might not happen soon, i did try to make one but i need to figure out how to do it properly.