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Top 5 Photorealistic Stable Diffusion Models Reviewed

Top 5 Photorealistic Stable Diffusion Models Reviewed


Are you trying to nail your photorealistic generations? Today I will review top 5 photorealistic models so you don't have to. Of course these are my opinions & models I use.

I will go over each one briefly, do a side by side comparison so you can pick the one that fits what you need. One of them is for SDXL -> Juggernaut XL

Models I will review today:

  • Realistic Vision V5.1 (Checkpoint merge)

  • CyberRealistic (Checkpoint merge)

  • AbsoluteReality (Checkpoint trained)

  • Juggernaut XL (Checkpoint merge)

  • epiCRealism (Checkpoint trained)


I generated batches of 8 images with each model. After carefully reviewing each batch, I chose the best looking picture with the least amount of flaws, because I am interested not in the percentage of usable pictures, but with which model I can get the BEST & most realistic picture for each of the positive prompts. Examples of flaws:

  • disfigured hands

  • weird composition

  • blurry

  • weird angles

  • etc.

Side by side comparisons in order:

1. JuggernautXL

2. CyberRealistic

3. EpicRealism

4. AbsoluteReality

5. RealisticVision

Comparison 1:

(raw photo), (peasant) older woman and young woman, lined up, (detailed facial features, detailed eyes), (blouse, long sleeves:1.2), headscarf, (village house interior), short haircut, (village:1.2), by Grant Wood

Comprison 2:

food, photography, portrait of 1 plate burger with fries, wooden table, details, hot, soft focus, dramatic light, low ligt, blurry background

Comparison 3:

valley, fairytale treehouse village covered, , matte painting, highly detailed, dynamic lighting, cinematic, realism, realistic, photo real, sunset, detailed, high contrast, denoised, centered, michael whelan

Comparison 4:

photo, Sportscar, racing flag, harsh camera flash



  1. EpicRealism

  2. JuggernautXL

  3. RealisticVision

  4. CyberRealistic

  5. AbsoluteReality


  1. Juggernaut XL

  2. EpicRealism

  3. AbsoluteReality

  4. CyberRealistic

  5. RealisticVision


  1. EpicRealism

  2. CyberRealistic

  3. Juggernaut XL

  4. AbsoluteReality

  5. RealisticVision


  1. Juggernaut XL

  2. EpicRealiscm

  3. CyberRealistic

  4. RealisticVision

  5. AbsoluteReality

For this experiment I used:

Let me know if you want to see any other comparisons or reviews down below! <3