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SDXL Artist Gallery, SDXL Artist Training Data Gallery

SDXL Artist Gallery, SDXL Artist Training Data Gallery

Hello everyone I wrote a nice useful page & tool for us. ๐Ÿ˜Š

It is very useful honestly. I had lots of problems with existing SDXL Artist Galleries. They made me so angry I decided to code this gallery for my site :) I used this list for building the gallery.

It is not perfect yet has some bugs. I think 2% of the images are not shown at the moment. I know the reason Some artists have none-latin characters (รข รด) creating problems. But I will fix this bug later on for sure.


  • Filtering

Fast Opening

  • Fast Opening every image is small and static so you don't wait frontend rendering like an app it just loads crazy fast

Multiple Filtering

  • Multiple Filtering: You can filter one tag or you can filter multiple tags same time and it is instant you don't wait for loading.

Images are Lazy Loading

  • Images are Lazy Loading: images have a native lazy load tag so it doesn't freeze your browser more you scroll more images will load.

Feel free to use it and share it with your friends.

Ideas ?

please give ideas for the page.

I have couple idea already like eliminating half of the tags. it feels like half of this tags useless doesn't needed. Anyway I will not rush it.

Give me some ideas if you have any.