Good universal negative prompt for SDXL 1.0


Here is the negative prompt:

text, watermark, low-quality, signature, moiré pattern, downsampling, aliasing, distorted, blurry, glossy, blur, jpeg artifacts, compression artifacts, poorly drawn, low-resolution, bad, distortion, twisted, excessive, exaggerated pose, exaggerated limbs, grainy, symmetrical, duplicate, error, pattern, beginner, pixelated, fake, hyper, glitch, overexposed, high-contrast, bad-contrast

I call this prompt "good", because I believe that it generally only improves quality (except for the eyes - working on it!) and each word in the negative prompt was tested for if it adds something or not, rather than just going with one of the big word salad negative prompts most people just copy from other people with no rhyme or reason.

I call it "universal", because I find that it can be used for any style - not just photos - as it does not appear to change the style too drastically - as long as you use it with only the G text encoder!

The best way to use it is by using it with only the G text encoder, as that allows to benefit from the negative prompt without changing the style or composition of the positive prompt too much!

How to do that:

  1. double click into the ComfyUI background, search for "SDXL", add two "CLIPTextEncodeSDXL" nodes

  2. right click each node, in the right click context menu of the first node select "convert text_g to input", and in the second node select "convert text_g to input" as well as "convert text_l to input"

  3. double click into ComfyUI background again, search for "primitive", add two such nodes

  4. add a connection from each primitive node to each of the CLIPTextEncodeSDXL nodes

  5. write the positive prompt into one primitive node and the negative prompt into the other

  6. connect the positive prompt primitive node to the first CLIPTextEncodeSDXL node that has both the G and L text encoders enabled

  7. connect the negative prompt primitive node to the CLIPTextEncodeSDXL node that has only the g text encoder enabled

The final result should look something like this:

You can also just use the example workflow I attached to this article.

Known issues:

  • For some reason makes eyes worse - will figure out what part of the prompt causes that and fix it

I realise now that my eye problem was due to something else. The samples I posted and some further experimentation I did seems to result in no worse eyes than what you would already get anyway.


"full-length full-body photo of a woman"

  • base

  • with both the G and L text encoders enabled for both the positive and negative prompts

  • with both the G and L text encoders enabled for the positive prompt, but only the G text encoder enabled for the negative prompt

"closeup facial photo of a woman"

  • base

  • with both the G and L text encoders enabled for both the positive and negative prompts

  • with both the G and L text encoders enabled for the positive prompt, but only the G text encoder enabled for the negative prompt

My method:

I've spent quite a bit of time testing various potential negative prompt words as positive prompts, note their effect, and then choose which ones to include in a new universal negative prompt based on whether the output I got was generally worse than the average output or in other ways would probably negatively affect the image.

Ultimately I tested the following words (orange = not chosen, green = chosen):

  • filigree

  • morbid

  • zombie

  • mutilated

  • unfinished

  • amateur

  • multipack

  • moiré pattern

  • downsampling

  • aliasing

  • baroque

  • distorted

  • wrong

  • missing

  • child's drawing

  • TV Static

  • blurry

  • glossy

  • jpeg

  • jpg

  • evil

  • ugly

  • putrid

  • old

  • blur

  • artifacts

  • jpeg artifacts

  • jpg artifacts

  • compression artifacts

  • low resolution

  • facebook

  • twitter

  • pinterest

  • deviantart

  • artstation

  • book cover

  • album cover

  • picasso

  • avant-garde

  • punk

  • steampunk

  • cyberpunk

  • poorly drawn

  • mutant

  • monster

  • lowres

  • low-resolution

  • low res

  • low-res

  • impressionist

  • impressionism

  • expressionist

  • expressionism

  • impressionistic

  • expressionistic

  • extra

  • extra fingers

  • extra limbs

  • long limbs

  • cover

  • strange

  • unknown

  • found footage

  • bad

  • meme

  • many

  • many limbs

  • many fingers

  • abomination

  • distortion

  • deformed

  • deformity

  • multiple

  • twisted

  • twister

  • excessive

  • unhealthy

  • exaggerated

  • exaggerated pose

  • exaggerated limbs

  • boring

  • soulless

  • inexperienced

  • mugshot

  • lifeless

  • emotionless

  • bored

  • cold

  • meagre

  • sparse

  • simple

  • gaze

  • grainy

  • fanart

  • cosplay

  • symmetrical

  • clone

  • duplicate

  • mistake

  • error

  • pattern

  • beginner

  • low-budget

  • low budget

  • fixed

  • photoshop

  • pixelated

  • fake

  • cheap

  • copy

  • fax

  • perfect

  • saturated

  • oversaturated

  • gamma

  • overtuned

  • desaturated

  • hyper

  • unrealistic

  • illogical

  • glitch

  • floating

  • bad quality

  • bad-quality

  • low quality

  • low-quality

  • png

  • unnatural

  • outdated

  • pixiv

  • cover

  • Frida Kahlo

  • overexposed

  • selfie

  • snapshot

  • text

  • watermark

  • signature

  • abstract

  • burned

  • instagram

  • action figure

  • low-contrast

  • low contrast

  • high contrast

  • high-contrast

  • bad contrast

  • bad-contrast

  • puppet

  • cliché

  • stock photo

  • magazine cover