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What's new this week with Civitai - 9/8/2023

What's new this week with Civitai - 9/8/2023

What’s new this week with Civitai

  • On-site LoRA Trainer Ever wanted to train your own resources? Now you can! The beta for the onsite LoRA trainer is now live for all Supporters.

  • New image tagging We’ve incorporated WD tagger into our image ingestion, this should result in more accurate tags for all images. We’re still tweaking the weights and moderated tags so expect a little weirdness while we dial it in.

  • On-site generator The generator has been enabled for a little over a week now and its been awesome to see what people are doing with it and the great feedback we’ve been getting! We recognize that not everone likes or wants the generator though, so we’ve added a way to turn it off in your account settings. Also SDXL support next week👍

  • Bad-actor detection We’ve added some internal tools to better detect and quickly action users that are spamming comments and users manipulating their reviews. You may have noticed some name changes on the leaderboards accordingly.

  • Interview Our CEO had the honor of doing an interview this week. He reveals our name origin and our plans for world domination.

Community Spotlight
Lots of great resources this week, hard to just choose three:

Fun Stats

3,232 New resources
12.6M Downloads (14.4PB of downloads)
8.5K New reviews
7.9K New comment
27.2K New posts
75 New articles
209 New creators
88K New images
227K New image reactions
6.8K New Collections
121K Items added to Collections