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TRIGGER ONLY Character lora: Sylvanas Windrunner (game character) | ownwaifu仅触发词角色Lora:希尔瓦娜斯·风行者


Sylvanas Windrunner (game character) | ownwaifu


Total score: 7/7 Highly recommended.

Character setting: 2/2

This lora is trained in medium-detail costume design, and the details and armaments of the characters are well restored in 10 models. In LoRa, there is no pile of details, which brings more scalability.

Style: 2/2

Of the 3 Sylvanas lora I've used, this lora changes the most from 2D to 3D. Although restoring 2D is still not flat enough, restoring 3D real people is realistic enough. And the color palette is flexible, which can play the characteristics of various models.

Failure: 2/2

No obvious malfunctions were found.

Subjective: 1/1

I love this LoRa, which brings more possibilities. In addition, during the test, it was found that there were more pictures with the same posture, which may be used to study the connection between the models?


This test is designed to indicate the availability of the character LoRa. Four images were generated using four seeds and ten models.It is evaluated from three dimensions: character setting, style and failure, and one subjective dimension.Objective dimension score: 0 Not Recommended, 1 Available, 2 Recommended,Subjective dimensions: 0 Not recommended, 1 Recommended.Maximum total score of 7 points.


总分:7/7 强烈推荐使用。


这个lora采用了细节中等的服装设计训练,在10个模型中都能很好还原出人物细节和武装。 在lora里没有把细节堆满,带来了较多的扩展性。

风格: 2/2

在我用过的3个Sylvanas lora中,这个lora从2D到3D的变化幅度是最大的。虽然还原2D还是不够平面化,但是还原3D真人足够逼真。并且色调变化灵活,能够发挥各类模型特色。






该测试旨在指示字符 LoRa 的可用性.使用四个种子和十个模型生成了40个图像。从人物设定、风格与失败三个维度和一个主观维度进行评估。客观维度得分:0 不推荐,1 可用,2 推荐,主观维度:0 不推荐,1 推荐。最高总分 7 分。