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TRIGGER ONLY Character lora: Mosquito monster girl from (one punch man)仅触发词角色劳拉:来自(一拳超人)蚊子怪物女孩


Mosquito monster girl from (one punch man)


Total score: 3/7 Playable.

Character setting: 0/2

Because it is a mixture of humans and insects, the restoration of important details is very unstable. The 2D model restores more of the human part, and the 3D model restores more of the insect part, which is an interesting tendency. It can be speculated that it is caused by a mistake in keyword setting when training LoRa, or a lack of sufficient mosquito material in a large model.

Style: 2/2

The stylistic change is noticeable enough. The three stylized models of Mechamix, Nightsky, and Horror provide more stable detail.

Failure: 0/2

The character poses in a single posture, and most of the background is on the bed, which should be a training set problem. At the end, there was a very serious mistake that resulted in no humans in the picture.

Subjective: 1/1

Since it is an unpopular role and has objective difficulty when training, it can be reserved for the special needs of NSFW~


This test is designed to indicate the availability of the role LoRa. 40 images were generated using 4 seeds and 10 models. It is evaluated from 3 dimensions and 1 subjective dimension of character setting, style and failure. Objective dimension score: 0 Not Recommended, 1 Available, 2 Recommended. Subjective dimensions: 0 Not recommended, 1 Recommended. The total score is 7.


总分:3/7 有可玩性。



风格: 2/2







该测试旨在指示角色 LoRa 的可用性.使用4个种子和10个模型生成了40个图像。从人物设定、风格与失败3个维度和1个主观维度进行评估。客观维度得分:0 不推荐,1 可用,2 推荐。主观维度:0 不推荐,1 推荐。总分是 7 。