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TRIGGER ONLY Character lora:Jinx League of legends仅触发词角色lora:金克斯英雄联盟


Jinx League of legends

Overall score: 4.3 (5 stars) Perfect

Details: 5 Perfect

Mechamix has never disappointed me as a mech model, and this time it behaved a little strangely. LoRa's stability in different models is satisfactory.

Style: 5 Perfect

You can see the obvious 2D and 3D style, which is extremely usable.

Failure rate: 3 available

The problem of Mechamix remains to be studied. The poses of the images are similar, and Jinx's feet are less likely to appear.

The test used only one trigger word, generating 40 images with 4 seeds and 10 models. Examine the initial performance of the character LoRa itself. There are three objective dimensions: detail, style, and failure. 1 Not available 2 Partially available 3 Available 4 Excellent 5 Perfect . The overall score matches Civitai's five-star rating.

总分:4.3(5星 )完美

细节:5 完美


风格:5 完美


失败率:3 可用


该测试仅使用单个trigger word,用4个种子和10个模型生成了40个图像。考察人物LoRa 自身的初始性能.有三个客观维度:细节、风格和失败。1 不可用 2 部分可用 3 可用 4 出色 5 完美 。总分和Civitai的五星匹配。