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How to run SHARK on ROCM on Any Linux distro

Sep 20, 2023
tool guide

Ensure you've taken my guides to running ROCM on your corresponding distro first.

now, we are going to go to start by

git clone


in hange line 17 (third line without #)

PYTHON="$(which python3)"



if you are on any form of arch linux or if you are running python 3.11, if not, keep as is

source shark.venv/bin/activate

pip3 install torch torchvision torchaudio --index-url

then after that finishes, we will go to and edit that with editor of your choice, just like and what we want to change is line 59




with $dir being the directory to shark.venv in shark git clone

then we can run after saving and let it install everything, if you get any errors regarding files, the same problems are fixed the same as the install guide for my other guides on linux, (mainly speaking the qxc or whatever file that needs to be deleted then rerun the file)

afterwards first gen is decent speed, then really fast.

for any questions refer to: