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DonMischo's Mind Factory

DonMischo's Mind Factory


I'm a teacher and father from Germany who's discovered Stable Diffusion in May '23. I love technology since childhood. SD put new fire and passion into me. Finally giving me the opportunity to express a little bit of my mind in pictures.

How I use SD and create new Worlds

Well my mind is full of awesome stuff, but when I want to express it, it feels fade, plain and boring. When thinking about images stable diffusion and magic, I found that SD has no real concept for magic, since it is depicted in a lot of ways. That was the start of my wildcard sets. I wanted MAGIC, real MAGIC! :D So I put a lot of list together with things that can be used for depiction of magic. And well the results were amazing.

I used those as a base for the creation of the Billions of Characters wildcards. Realized, that each prompt word somehow has an effect on the images, even gibberish. Since I'm not a native speaker some words would never come to my mind, even if I know them. (Well might be the same in german ;)) The small style study of different prompt word really gave me a good feeling, what prompts can achieve.

Those sets are the base of my latest LoRAs. I use some random wildcard stuff. Pick a style that fits my imagination. Clean it up from unnecessary stuff add some other stuff, until I get a result I want to go with.


I love experimenting, scientist from heart. I tried LoRA training with only basic shapes, which basically works, but has a strong influence on every aspect of the images, faces included. (shapes are somehow related to everything). So I'd say its training on a fundamental level, working well for irregular or hard to grasp stuff, like fire and lightning.

I tried artifical character creation, which gave some nice and some not so nice results. (not so good with ppl and faces, they look all the same to me ;)) It would be important to have a consistent character, with little variation in face shapes, but it's impossible for me to make a good selection, so the result was sometimes completly different from the intent.

I trained an art style, just to do it. With a long dead Berlin artist of the early 20th century and the first photography print.


Creating worlds in my mind is what I'm doing since childhood, whenever my brain runs on stand by. With creating LoRAs each style is a world on its own. It was quite a voyage from my first LoRA to now. A lot of ups and some downs. A chat with @Navimixu gave me new courage to try again and new worlds emerged.

New LoRAs usually start with coffee machines, Alice or cities. So I really got a bunch of coffee machines on my hard drive, a ton of potential new worlds. :D

I'll try to improve and make each world a bit more unique, like building styles and people.


You might guess, as fulltime teacher, father and husband time is limited. I'm using all the time I can get without neglecting any of those. So it might take some time until the next LoRA is cooked.


Im open for job offers in this field of work. If some recruiter might stuble over this page, sent me memo. ;)

New LoRA coffee machines

There a some more styles on the way, just need the time to finish them. ;)


Surreal World:

Tree and nature world:

LoRA List


Others (hypernets, TIs)



If you like my creations, feel free to support me with some coffee or ko-fi.